Kai Bell

Kai Bell

Nationally Certified Trainer and Fitness Model

About Kai

Personal Trainer

Kai Bell is a leading expert in personal training and group fitness for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey as well as those who have been exercising all their lives. He started training at a very young age by running track and field all through middle school and high school. Kai participated in gymnastics and was an MEAC college cheerleader. Kai’s client roster not only includes Atlanta celebrities, but also corporate C-suite professionals in Atlanta and New York such as Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and Gourmet Services, LLC. He has been a fitness instructor at LA Fitness and Run and Shoot Gym in Atlanta, GA. He is currently instructing at East Lake YMCA and ABS Symmetry, also, in Atlanta, GA.

Fitness Model

With 15 years of experience and 5 national certifications, Kai provides intense personal and group training while meeting each client at their fitness level. He can instruct a well-advanced student and challenge them while providing modified fitness moves to someone who is brand new to fitness all within the same training session. He has a "cult- like" class following for his Step, Abs, and Boot Camp Classes. Kai's students have followed him and taken his classes for more than 15 years with proven fitness results. The "Kai Bell" brand and his signature class "EXTREME BODY SUICIDE" was selected and featured in 2013 as a promotional tool for the movie "G.I. JOE: Retaliation".

Realizing that not everyone is able to regularly attend personal training sessions, the "Kai Bell" brand was established to create easy fitness workouts for busy professionals and busy at home parents. The "Kai Bell" fitness workouts can be done on the go and do not require the gym thus creating a new standard for fitness development. However, the classes are so addictive with high energy and music that most students make the time to attend them.

Having made appearances on various television shows as well as galleries and now as a featured underwear and swimwear model, Kai recently signed with an Atlanta based modeling agency to diversify his brand but remains focused on his fitness career.