Kai Bell

Kai Bell

Nationally Certified Trainer and Fitness Model


Extreme Body Suicide Coach (owner/creator – Kai Bell)

A highly intense rigorous hour of constant nonstop plyometric, cardio, strength training infused with ABS Explosion. This class isn't for the faint of heart, but can be conquered if you are dedicated and consistent in participating and fighting through the challenge.

Abs Explosion (group class)

This is a 30-minute nonstop core workout that BURNS every abdominal muscle in your being. This workout encompasses different AB exercises to engage, rip and shred the abdominal region helping you achieve that 6 pack that so many desire (proper eating/nutrition must be incorporated with this routine for you to see results)

Personal Training

Personal Training consists of one-on-one private workout sessions with a trainer. Your trainer will assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for some variety in your existing program, one-on-one personal training will help you reach your goals.

Group Fitness Training

The clients are offered an atmosphere to train with others in either a total weight or weight/cardio environment.These groups can be either intense or built around a group that's in the beginning stages of fitness.

Speed & Agility Training (High School/College & Professional Athletes)

This consists of complete workouts that focus on increasing acceleration, agility, efficiency, and flexibility. This program is designed for athletes and will build your speed and agility. A major portion of the training focuses on gaining core strength and an overall conditioning program that offers you, as an athlete, the opportunity to better your physical acumen.

Nutritional Coaching and Meal Planning

Help is offered to achieve that desired athletic look; it is 100% mandatory to follow a Nutritional Eating Meal Plan. With this program, a step by step guide of what foods to eat and when to eat is outlined in an easy to follow format. Since every client's needs are different, the plan is detailed to your specific needs be it losing weight, gaining weight, or overall sculpting/cutting.