Kai Bell

Kai Bell

Nationally Certified Trainer and Fitness Model


"I became interested in hiring a personal trainer when my workouts started to become boring and monotonous. As some who exercises faithfully, I needed a trainer who would create an exciting experience, push my limits, and provide constant challenges. In fact, I like to work out, sweat, and feel the burn in my muscles. Kai provided all of the above and more. His workouts were challenging and provided an even greater reward. Within a few short weeks I was more defined, developed strength in areas I previously neglected, and had more mental stamina to push through when all thoughts were saying – no more. I also enjoyed the variety of exercises introduced weekly. Kai's high energy and knowledge of his field made him the ideal trainer for me. No two workouts were ever the same. Thanks Kai/Kammick!" - Dinamy Gantt

"Not often in life do you meet someone who has just the right mix of kind compassion and yet can push you to limits you never knew were attainable. Kai/Kammick is this type of man, trainer and friend. I have worked with Kai one on one as a personal trainer as well as taking his group classes. Kai is not the typical trainer you see at the gym. When training with Kai, his entire focus is on you. He has gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals for strengthening and conditioning, and has always provided a great deal of personal attention and care. I am honored to have met him, a fine individual indeed." - Dave Hebert

Kai's classes are fun, high-energy, motivational, and full of encouraging, supportive people that are dedicated to getting healthy. You will feel comfortable, get a great workout, and have a blast. He incorporates energetic hip-hop music with body changing movements on the step or ground. The time will fly by, and before you know it, you will have completed a full-hour, full-body workout. The classes are effective because they provide an intense, but fun, way of exercising. He'll keep you coming back for more. It is addictive! --

Carmen Nicole Antoine 43 years old, friend and student always on my fitness journey

Leroy and I initially started training with Kai about 4 years ago as part of one of his group exercise classes. We heard such amazing things about the class that we had to try...we've been hooked ever since! Then Leroy decided, about 2 years ago, to compete in a physique contest. This was his first and, as he puts it, only competition. We decided to enlist Kai's services as a personal trainer to get him competition ready. Who better??...Kai always looks "show/competition-ready"!!! The training sessions and nutrition regimen helped Leroy to build muscle while becoming lean. Leroy took 1st place in his competition thanks, in large part, to Kai's help. As for me, training with Kai has helped me reach some of my health goals. The most significant was getting my BMI under 25. It has gone from 25.5 (overweight) to 23.8 (ideal weight) in the last 2 - 1/2 years.

In short, Kai is an awesome trainer. The workouts are challenging and varied from session to session. He has taken the time to know us, individually, enabling him to customize a regimen to help both of us reach our individual goals. Kai pays strict attention to technique and instructs and corrects while training. For him, it's not good enough to just do the exercises, you must do them correctly!

Leroy and I recommend Kai as a personal trainer for anyone serious about getting in shape. If you follow his plan and train faithfully, Kai will help you reach your goals.

Deborah Johnson & Leroy Burns